Filter driers SC..SHC series

The filter driers are classified as “Vessels” in the sense of the PED Directive 2014/68/EU, Article 2, paragraph 2 and are subject of Article 4, paragraph 1, letter (a), of the same Directive. All the product range is suitable for use with hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 (Propane), R600 (Butane), R600a (Isobutane), R1270 (propylene) proper to the Group 1, as defined in Article 13, paragraph 1, letter (a), of PED Directive 2014/68/EU and classified as A3 Group of Annex E of standard EN 378-1.

The function of the dehydrating filter is to protect the system from moisture, acids and solid contaminants. Moisture can cause the formation of ice, a reduction in efficiency of the system and the formation of acids, resulting in damage to the compressor.


All types of filter driers have bodies and heads made of steel UNI EN 10130 – DC04. The assembly of the two parts is done by MIG or TIG without filler material soldering, thus creating a single body very strong and seamless. In this type of filter, the charge desiccant is not replaceable and is composed of a solid core with 3 Å molecular sieves. In these filters is also present a particular felt type which allows mechanical filtering and the minimum resistance to the motion of the fluid to improve dehydration.


To optimize the performance of the filter is recommended to be mounted with the longitudinal axis vertical while the arrow points down. Considering the importance of the filters within the system it is recommended to provide for scheduled maintenance to check the correct function of the system.