GMC Refrigerazione

GMC Refrigerazione is a young and dynamic company, founded on a solid base of professionalism and with a long background, active in Refrigeration and air-conditioning market since 2002.
GMC achieved a rapid grow-up by offering high quality and 100% tested products thanks to the perfect internal process, focusing on customer satisfaction and market request.
Innovation, the new ideas and new projects create a perfect workplace, managed by expert personnel which try to consolidate GMC brand by distribution the products in national and international market, earning more visibility and creating bases for continues and constant development in future.
Our Mission? Quality and Service. GMC has maintained the same spirit, the same motive for which began its activities: believing definitely that exists “another way” for being a good job cooperator in a modern economical system, in which the market is in continuous evolution.
“Another way” is offering quality, flexibility and customer care in the best possible way. Like a perfect gear watch mechanism, GMC try to be effective part of chain transmission between partners that are customers and suppliers, creating a virtual economical system, moving by itself that transform novelty in opportunity for economic development with benefits for all parts.
That’s why GMC, always care about customer request, working since so many years with Quality Certified System ISO9001:2008, is equipped with last test technology by Helium and try always, not easily, to adopt proper products to new Directive and European Regulations.