Normally closed solenoid valves EV series
Rotary actuators for ball valves (BV and BVT)
Nuts, elbows, SAE FLARE / NPT TEE fittings
Flange joints, plugs and copper seals
Access fittings, accessories for access fittings, mechanism
SAE FLARE / ODS adapters, copper gaskets
Ball valves BV..PRK / BV..PRAK series
Coils and connectors
Ball valves BV..HC series
Check valves CV3..HC series
Liquid and moistur indicators MI..SHC series
Replaceable core filter CSR..HC series
Valves for hermetic unit VHU..HP series
Receiver valves RVV..HP / RHV..HP series
Capped valves CSV..SHP series
Three-way ball valves BVT..I series
Three-way ball valves BVT..K series
Ball valves BV..HP / BV..AHP series
Ball valves BV..K / BV..AK series
Ball valves BV..MP / BV..AMP series
Check valves CV3..MP series
Liquid and moisture indicators MI..SK / MI..SHP series
Moisture and liquid indicators MI..SMP / MI..SMPI series
Replaceable core filters CSR..MPI series
Replaceable core filter CSR..MP / CSR..SMP series