Replaceable mechanical cartridge filters CSR..A series

The replaceable mechanical cartridge filters are classified as “Vessels” in the sense of PED Directive 2014/68/EU, Article 2, paragraph 2 and are subject of Article 4, paragraph 1, letter (a), of the same Directive. All the product range is suitable for use with fluids proper to the Group 2, as defined in Article 13, paragraph 1, letter (b), of Directive PED 2014/68/EU, therefore not toxic, not inflammable and not explosive fluids; to this macro Group belongs also the refrigerant fluids listed and classified in A1 Group of Annex E of standard EN 378-1. Examples of refrigerant fluids are:

– HFC R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507;

– Blends HFC/HFO R448A, R449A, R450A, R452A, R513A.

The configuration of these filters makes them particularly suitable for installation in the suction line in exclusive combination with the mechanical cartridges series MFC, whose degree of microfiltration block each type of residual impurities in the system, ensuring an effective protection of the compressor.


The filters are made entirely of steel with the exception of solder connections that can be made of copper tube EN 12735-1 – Cu-DHP or, for some models, in seamless steel tube St52 which allow the installation on the system with TIG welding. The shell parts of the filter are assembled by MIG welding with specific weld material. To ensure functionality and protection from oxidizing agents over time, are used stainless steel screws A2-70 for tightening the flange.

NOTE: The entire product range is supplied with flange 1/4”NPT threaded and if necessary, it is possible to couple the blind plug or the access fittings (complete with the mechanism for high-temperature SVCEHAT and closure cap CAP2) both provided as standard. This flexible solution allows then to arrange access points to the system.

  • MECHANICAL CARTRIDGE: The wide filtering surface of the cartridge is formed by a metal mesh and a perforated sheet with an interposed filtering membrane of porous material able to retain solid particles of size greater than or equal to 20 On both ends, the cartridge is already complete with seals for coupling with plastic cups of the filter unit.


To allow an easily cartridges extraction the choice of installation location must contemplate the distance ‘K’ (technical datasheet). Considering the importance of filters inside the refrigeration system, it’s suggested to define a maintenance program to ensure the correct functioning of the system.